Trades Labour Civil 
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Introducing Trades Labour Civil

We specialise in Trade, Labour and Civil Recruitment, with over 20 years experience in the Construction and Civil industries.
Our mission is to bring back the HUMAN element to recruitment, we achieve this by building strong relationships with our clients and candidates that is based on respect, honesty and trust. 
Finding the right fit for your team is more than “shuffling CV’s”, we will find the perfect fit for your business.  
"Team Fit" is as important as skills. Skills can be taught personality can't!

Our Points of Difference:

  • We have the lowest rates in Canterbury.
  • We offer permanent staffing solutions. Contractor workers can also be offered.
  • We don't rely solely on CV's, we have a Senior Project Manager who skill tests all short listed applicants.
  • We work alongside you to find the best fit for your Company.

TLC are proud to work with the following Companies: